Q. What is Guide You Home?

Guide You Home has been set up to help people with disabilities find an SDA home under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by BlueCHP who is a not-for-profit, Community Housing Provider and Registered SDA provider.

Q. What are the four categories of SDA design?

The NDIS is providing funding for four SDA categories, including Robust, Improved Livability, High Physical Support and Fully Accessible.

Q. Can I build a new SDA home in any of these NDIS categories?

The NDIS is providing funding for four SDA categories, including Robust, Improved Livability, High Physical Support and Fully Accessible.

Q. Can you build a new home in any of these NDIS categories?

Yes. Our Guide You Home and BlueCHP team are happy to work on any SDA homes types from new home builds to purchasing and converting existing apartments.

Q. Buy or rent an SDA home? What’s the best option.
Home ownership is an option but comes with responsibilities like a mortgage and maintenance. This is a big financial decision. Renting can seem short-term and insecure, however, at Guide You Home we offer SDA homes with long-term leases. The SDA recipient and their family have the security of tenure and peace of mind. Find out more

Q. How do I apply for SDA?
Applications for specialist disability accommodation (SDA) can be made by downloading, completing and lodging a Home and Living Supports Request Form. It can be completed and lodged online. Alternatively, you can also print it out and complete it using a pen before returning it via the post or to your local NDIS office or area coordinator. Learn more about the application process

Q. Who’s eligible for funding?
In deciding if someone is eligible for SDA funding, the NDIS ask three questions:

Do you have an ‘extreme functional impairment’? or ‘very high support needs?
Do you have an SDA needs requirement?
Is SDA reasonable and necessary for you?
Find out more

Q. Do I need SDA funding approved before I contact you?
No. If you don’t have funding, we can still chat with you about your housing needs.

Q. Do I need to choose the SDA housing I want before I apply for funding?
No. You can apply before you have chosen the accommodation you want. If you’re approved, you can then explore your SDA options.

Q. What information do I need to provide on my SDA application?
Information that you need to supply on your SDA application includes details about your identity, main reason for requesting SDA, current living arrangements, housing and living support goals, the support you need, how you currently manage everyday tasks, health care needs, NDIS plan and program assessments and reports, assistive technology and home modification requirements, and decision-making processes. Learn more about How to apply for SDA

Q. Do I need an Occupational Therapist (OT)as part of the process?
Yes if you don’t have an OT we can recommend OT’s we know with experience helping you through this process. You will want your support coordinator and OT to work together to help you through this application process.

Q. What are Guide You Home’s 7 steps?
Guide You Home has developed a process to help new customers understand the detail of how we will work with you. Find out more.

Q. What customisations do you offer?
Each SDA home we develop will be customised to the individual’s needs. We sit down with you and design the home so it’s built for how you want it, customising the home to your needs.

Q. Do I need a mortgage?
No. We manage the finances so you don’t have to search for a loan. Your SDA funding covers the cost of the build.

Q. Do you work with financiers?
BlueCHP organises all necessary financing to leave you free to enjoy your new home.

Q. Can I pick the location of my SDA home?
Yes. You can nominate where you wish to live. We build in all Australian states and territories except WA.

Q. If my needs change can I make further customisations to my home?
Yes, just let us know what needs to change.

Q. Am I locked into staying at the house? What if I need to move?
We will be developing a portfolio of housing, which aims to give people options when it comes to moving.

Q. Who is BlueCHP and what does it do?
BlueCHP is a not-for-profit specialist developer of social, affordable and disability housing. As an SDA provider we design, build and own SDA homes and offer long-term leases for participants. Read more about BlueCHP.