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The ‘Guide You Home Process’

Guide You Home can help at every step of the way. But first, it’s important for us to be upfront about the journey ahead. Let’s be clear, building a home under the NDIS is hard. Government funding is tight and property prices are rising. Building an SDA home means trade-offs and difficult decisions. Persisting however is absolutely worth it!

We’ll customise homes for all our residents. Family home, duplex, self-contained apartment? What best suits you? We all want a home that we can feel at home in. Working with our team means starting a discussion about your future.

We’ll be upfront about the challenges and be clear about what’s possible.
Our approach is to build, finance and own SDA homes. We offer long-term leases to SDA recipients. We know this is not for everyone. Some people want to own their own SDA home and that’s fine. We believe a long-term lease is better because it provides security of tenure for residents without the stress of building a new home.

Why working with a registered SDA provider makes sense. You won’t have to organise finance, manage consultants or navigate your Development Application through the council. You won’t need to worry about registering your SDA home or ongoing compliance with the NDIA. You won’t need to worry about setting aside money for ongoing maintenance. BlueCHP, through its Guide You Home initiative, is a registered SDA provider, which means we’ll take care of all of this for you.

BlueCHP offers all SDA Participants Long-term Leases.

Seven Steps to Move into Your New Home via the Guide You Home Process 

Step 1 – LET’S CHAT

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss a customised home or to find out if we have any vacancies for you to move into straight away.


We’ll organise a meeting with you and your support team to start a discussion about your housing requirements. 

Step 3 – PLAN YOUR HOME   

We work with you and your team to write a Housing Brief, which details where you’d like to live and sets out everything you need to make it the right home for you.


We manage the finances, planning, architects and consultants. You get to review the plan and give the final ‘ok’.


This is what we do every day, so you can leave it all to us. We will keep you updated as we build your new home. 

Step 6 – MOVE IN!   

Unpack and enjoy your new home.


If there are any problems, we’re here for you. We maintain ownership of the property so help is only a phone call away.